this weekend...

vegetable kabobs :] Amanda, Kody and I made supper for Mother's Day :] We had bbq steaks, vegetable kabobs, cheesy potatoes, caeser salad and for desert, apple crisp! Mom was very pleased and it was a fun family meal :] And I got to see my Grandma and Grandpa Lemonlaw! Before I left for Missouri, my Grandpa suffered a pretty severe stroke, and we were all really scared and worried. But i was SO impressed with how much he's strengthened and you could hardly tell! Plus, he was funnier than ever! kennedy and olivia :] Kennedy and Olivia were loving making their own jewelry with these pop beads this weekend :) they're twins! ; Lola and Tom each ran away once! This seems to be their favorite thing lately, and they've gotten really good at getting out (at the cabin AND at home!). It's funny at the cabin, it's scary at home (b/c of traffic). momma made cinnimon buns :] And Momma baked Cinnamon Buns! They were gone by Monday afternoon when we all went home ;) In Other News: - Keith and I are working on a Freckled Nest Shop update for later this week. We've BOTH been making new things, I can't wait to show you! - I'm teaching my Summer Love Workshop at Aquabooks tomorrow, you can still sign up here :] - My friend Autumn got the BIGGEST COOLEST GIFT EVER from her church! I'm SOOOOO happy for her, watch this video and prepare to cry in amazement and happiness! - I saw this picture today, and I miss Gigi...ooooooooh Gigi :] - Back to my studio, I have lots of awesome Custom Albums to finish over the next 2 months :)


  1. that was so sweet of her church. goes to show you to just keep on keeping on and good things will happen :)

  2. ok sooooooooooo.....maybe you made me drool a little :)...i really am craving some shish kabobs....madly, truly, deeply!

  3. Oh cinnamon buns... even my heart is drooling! Glad your Grandpa is ok and hope he continues to strengthen

  4. Just watched the video, through tears :)
    How awesome!! Autumn sounds like an amazing lady and what a Church to be a part of, one full of love, support and generosity

  5. First off, Thank You soooooo much for such A WONDERFUL Mother's Day to Leigh-Ann, Amanda and Kody and Matt, Keith, Olivia and Kennedy (We celebrated 1 week later because I was celebrating with my Mom at the lake) It tasted so GOOD!!!, and I was so FULLLLLLL!!! I loved it Leigh-Ann.

    Now, nothing will ever top Autumn's Mother's Day ever again. That was so sweet and generous of her church. Congratulations Autumn.

    The girls toes look so cute, they were having so much fun.

    Love Momma

  6. Damn. Can't stop crying now. What a fantastic fresh start. What a fantastic group of loving, generous people.

  7. That video is amazing! Thank you so much for sharing!

  8. Amazing! the power of the BIG GUY! loooooved it! now if i could just find the kleenex!

  9. Wow that is an awesome video, aw I don't even know her and I'm happy for her and her church. anyone notice that pastor is a giant?

    Anyway. Can't wait to see what you create LA!


  10. ok, good way to start a wednesday...with happy sobs :) hahaha...that was awesome.

  11. Hey, thanks so much for commenting on my blog! It was great to meet you too! The video of your friend is so cool, what an amazing story!

  12. I want a kabob!
    What do you have on them for seasoning??????
    Grover :-)

  13. That food looks soooo good! Yum!
    What an amazing video! God is good! It's nice to see good things happening to good people. Congrats to her and her little girl! That's so wonderful!
    Can't wait to see what you & Keith have cooked up for an update!
    Hope you're having a great week!!!
    Much Love & Big Hugs!!!!
    xoxo -j

  14. I'm so glad to know I'm not the only person that takes pictures of food to post on my blog. So pretty :)

    And such a GREAT story of your friend on the video!!


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