a "little" delay

I missed my flight home today, and am at the Kansas City airport waiting for my new flight tomorrow morning at 6am. After a tear filled melt down at the check-in counter (i couldn't find my money to pay for my overweight luggage...otherwise, I woulda made it. And then of course, I found it 3 minutes after it was too late). So I called Jeremy and he called Elsie and asked her to come back to help me. He warned her i was in panic mode (lol), and she was so sweet to come back and help me kill some of the day till I leave tomorrow morning. Here are the Perks of Missing my Flight (looking on the brightside) - Elsie and I hung out and she took photos of me - I ordered Domino's to an airport, lol (and I did it thru my skype phone, I felt like I was in the future!) - a stranger offered me a Butterfinger candybar (Keith thought it was poisoned, and a ploy to sell me to the sextrade) - at least I'm at an airport with free wi-fi! - I have so many bags people are looking at me like I'm moving - Keith and I skyped for a good 5 hours! - I perfected my Emma voice - there's a rotation of elevator music that all sounds like the intro to SNL - I will be in Keith's arms at 12:10! Eeeeee! - and getting & giving soooo many kisses to Lola and Tom by 1pm!! :] ETA: It's 5:35am, i'm just about to board and I'm so excited that I'm going home to my family today :]


  1. Way to make lemon creme pie outta lemons! :D

  2. lovies!!! you're probably on your flight now... i checked in and was at 47lbs! yay!!!!
    talk to you soon!!!!

  3. I'm glad you're on your flight home now Leigh-Ann. Now you need to buy all new hair products, maybe it will add up to $130.

    Love Momma

  4. You look so pretty in that photo! I can't wait to see the picts Elsie took! Hope that you are home and in your mans arms by now! xo

  5. Ok its only been half a day and I came acrossed the part that I missed earlier...i'm such a dork..Lol. (missing your flight)...that was sooo nice of Elsie to come back and spend time with you while you waited. talk to you soon!

  6. The photo is great of you. Hope you had a great flight back. I know what you went through. Last summer I went back to Sweden from Florida and had a stop at Newark. But the plain stood still in Palm Beach for almost 10h and so I missed my flight and so did everyone else. No hotels and I had to sit up all night and wait and then finally in Europe(Amsterdam) I had to wait for another 15h more. Puhhhh...But it is pretty funny today. I meet some great people in both airports.
    Have a lovely day
    Keep smiling

  7. I'm so sorry the return flight was so traumatic! It totally sucks the way airlines are so picky about your luggage now. (I flew this past weekend so it's fresh in my mind.) At least they didn't let you check it and then take it off the plane because the plane was overweight. That happened all the time on United a few years back...we'd find out when we got to our destination that the luggage was left behind. They usually lost it, too. That, or you'd have to go back to the airport to get it later, because if you waited for them to deliver it, it would be 2 days without any clothes, etc. But, I'm glad you had such an awesome trip, and you're home safe in Keith's arms!


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