3 Beautiful Things

This Shop, This Friendship, This Concert, Time for bed, I'm early tonight ;)


  1. What an awesome day you had. Ahhh! Pretty pictures, too. Thanks for sharing, Ma'am! :}

  2. la la, we're all so excited for you to come home and see you. Your haircut looks great in that photo, not like a mullet. (dad snickered) we're just picking up the girls from the sleepover at moms, (we went to a movie) , moms making omelettes ( with ketchup) and just having a little visit. Miss you lots.. amanda xoxox

  3. ooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh! Thanks for letting us share

  4. What great pictures and the hair is too cute!! Did you happen to take a video camera with you? Will be seeing movies?!!

    Oh and please, please find out the name and brand of paint of the blue of the wall ..Ooooohh and the cute little pink tables!!

    Looking forward to more pictures, glad your having fun!!

  5. You are so cute!

    I absolutely love your new hair!

    And super jealous of the concert/weekend.

    Why am I stuck in UTAH!? haha.

  6. HI lovely!
    I just wanted to say that it was sooooo great meeting you. You are even cooler and cuter and lovelier in person :) I miss all of you already!! Have a safe trip home.
    Loooooove you!

  7. i think your partnership with red velvet is beautiful!


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