Thursday :]

My pins came in the mail todaaaay! LOVELY LITTLE TREATS :]
(designed by Jilly P, made by Button Arcade)
Inka's the sweetest! She sent me a 90210 postcard! Vivianna from Polka Dot Robot ordered this custom roll-up for her knitting needles :) A bag too, I'm making that next :] Took these photos after they were playing...and so tired!


  1. OMG!!!! I love, love it!!!

    Did you get the stuff I sent you?

  2. Those are the BEST! The pins and the pups!

  3. Oooohhhh!!! The pins turned out great!!! Looove 'em!!!!

    The postcard is sooo great!

    Happy mail is the greatest!!! :)

    Hmmmm...wonder if I could use the word "great" any more...

  4. The buttons are really cute!

    Stop by my blog and look at my really bad hair! I was a couple of days late!

  5. love the cutie little buttons leigh-ann, and the winking widget - adorable!

  6. I love them! You're immortilized on a button. How cool is that?

    And the 90210 postcard. {SIGH} I love that show. :)

  7. wow gorgeous buttons, i want one!! lol. i must put your button on my blog (i'll do it now), still loving your blog xx

  8. I LOVE those darling buttons! Where might I buy one of those cute little pokies?!

    Oh Leigh-Ann... you make my days happy!

  9. Hi Tom and Lola,
    You 2 look like you were doing something naughty the way your tongue is hanging out, mostly Tom.

    Love Grandma

    Hi Leigh-Ann and Keith
    I LOVE your pins Leigh-Ann, can't wait to get my hands on one. To keep that is!!! :)

    Love Momma

  10. The buttons are so awesome!!!
    and Inka is so sweet.


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