LA Pins on Etsy

I plan to give an LA pin with Etsy purchases and to my students in classes I teach (and to my family, etc...Kody, I know you're dying to wear me on one of your many jackets), but if you want a special set, you can buy a 2 size set here for $3 :] Note: I only have 5 sets with the two sizes (1.25" and .875").


  1. these are so freaking cute!! will you also give them to people who order kits? :)

  2. Sooooo cute!!

    Well I'm off to clip my dog and make him a shirt woo! I'll show pics later. Oooh and made some minibooks - you minibook inspirer you! oxxxxxxxxxxxx HAPPY FRIDAY!

    PS. For a Friday message call:

    (510) 351-7654 I<3 the lunch lady

  3. very cute!
    my ds has been trying to order pins & business cards :-) little aspiring film maker!

    TGIF :-)


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