Winner of the ElsieCake Patterns!

This picture & story was my very favorite... I was 'har-har laughing' (Jill knows how bad of a laugh that is). Thanks for entering everyone! Congratulations Valerie! Please email me and choose 3 embroidery patterns from Elsie's shop...and she will send them to you thru email :] annnnnnnnd Look what I found when I got home today... 100,000 visitors to Freckled Nest! Thanks Guys!! THAT'S SO AWESOME! :) Goodnight :) ps. I can't wait to share tomorrow's post with you! :] pps. I still have 2 giveaways to do... sorry I'm behind. Soon soon :)


  1. No stinkin' way!!! Thanks for picking me! Guess I'll have to say a little muchas gracias to my three-year-old today...:)

    I'll email you in a bit with my picks!


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