6th Giveaway & Wednesdays Winner

From LacyLike Designs!! Lacy generously donated TWO Mini-Album Kits! She calls them 'Not So Naked Albums' and I think they're great! The winner will receive these 2 Kits (above and below)!! Yowza :]* How to Enter: In the comments of this post, write - your name & email and - one thing you want for Christmas this year :] Lacy and I are kindred spirits :] We are pretty much life-twins; we seem to have encountered all the same major life experiences. When we met, we were amazed at how identical our stories are! She's such a great friend and strong encouragement to me! Visit Lacy's blog :) Lacy, I think you are such a strong, beautiful, spunky, amazing woman! I hope one day we'll meet! Hugs hugs hugs!! * And the winner of Wednesday's Christmas Moleskin/Journal is Holly S.!!! (Holly S., please email me your current mailing address) Congratulations! And THANK-YOU Kris! You are awesome!


  1. oooo great prize!
    for christmas this year i want a typewriter! and a million other things heee

  2. wow, these are amazing!
    and i love lazy´s vespa (is it a vespa??)! :)
    for christmas this year i hope we will get snow. it´s been so dark, grey and depressing for so long, that we really need snow to get us in the good mood again. :)
    hugs, ink

  3. Tiffany
    sherunsaway at yahoo dot com

    One thing I want for Christmas..
    lots of amazing love & adventure & etc. with my BFF. :) This is my first holiday away from my immediate family, and I want it to be totally memorable and unique in its own way.

    This mini books are super cute. I think mini books are one of my new favorite things. :)

  4. Susan

    love the almbum!!! I really just want some new slippers and some ink cartridges for my printer.

  5. jennmpls(at) yahoo (dot) com

    I want someone to take care of my kids so I can organize my studio and finish some projects (including my freckled nest book!)

    Love these kits. They would make great gifts too.

    Keep up the giveaways, LA! So fun.

  6. i love mini books!
    I really want a bind it all for christmas. I really can't wait to fly to SD tomorrow!!!

    maegen jenne
    maegenjenne at gmail dot com

  7. Every year I borrow the movie Elf from one of my friends, so this year I finally asked for my own copy from Santa!

    Happy Holidays LA!

    Jessica D.

  8. I really want a new ski jacket and the fancy kind of Gortex ski pants for Christmas! (My boyfriend bought us a week's worth of skiing and cabin stay at the beginning on Jan.!!) :)

    Happy Holidays to all!!!!!!!!!

    erinnyne at gmail dot com

  9. I would love an iPod touch, but that seems a little out of reach! A little less spending-wise I would love to get the book Stitch 'n' Bitch, I've heard such great things about it!

  10. This is easy, the one thing I want this year is a white flatscreen for the living room. MUST be white :-)

    I love Lacy's scooter!

  11. I would love to have a label maker, so I can organize my life!

    Krista Juliff

  12. The albums are so cute.

    I want my sister home safely for Christmas.


  13. For Christmas I want money to take dance classes

    Heidi, heidi_go_round@yahoo.com

  14. Hey, Leigh-Ann! While my wish list is very long of things I want, I haven't asked for anything for Christmas. Something from the heart and the hands would mean more than anything right now from my loves.

  15. Cool mini-albums. I would love more space to store all my craft items, but Santa can't bring that! I'm wishing for a camera.

  16. Kendra...kendra@athsndwords.com

    The only thing I really wanted for Christmas, I already got. Other than that I'd like a pair of glove type things..I can't think of what they are called. Its like a sleeve with a hole for your thumb and one big opening for the hand. I'm a dork...I want it and don't even know what its called :).

    LOVE the mini-albums :)).

  17. Francine scraphappyfran at yahoo.com

    I'd love a 50mm lens for christmas this year.

    Adorable albums!

  18. Amy
    I love the ablums!!!!
    All want for christmas is for my son to have the best christmas ever!

  19. I am dying for a kitchen aid mixer!!
    Those albums are soo cute!
    Sarah --ssmast@hotmail.com

  20. Wow....your giveaways have been so ROCK STAR!!! I love them all.....

    Hmmm...for Christmas? Well, I guess I would have to say that I would like to get a replacement Garmin Nav system (since mine got stolen out of my car 2 nights ago while it sat helplessly in my unlocked car in the driveway of my home.) Ugh. Tis the season, I guess.


  21. Wow....your giveaways have been so ROCK STAR!!! I love them all.....

    Hmmm...for Christmas? Well, I guess I would have to say that I would like to get a replacement Garmin Nav system (since mine got stolen out of my car 2 nights ago while it sat helplessly in my unlocked car in the driveway of my home.) Ugh. Tis the season, I guess.


  22. Emily at e.r.hooker@gmail.com

    Hrm.... one thing I want for Christmas this year.... a Goco printer and smorgasbord of inks.... is that asking too much? LOL- or just a fabulous little not-so-naked journal! They're super rad, I would love to win. -E

  23. super cute giveaway!
    I just discovered your blog and I'm loving it...thanks!

    For Christmas, I want crafty goodness and some free time to play!


  24. Hi Leigh-Ann
    I love Lacy's album, would love for it to be mine, so I could put all my pics in, right Leigh-Ann, hahaha. Leigh-Ann knows I have quite a few albums that need pics in right now, but they will have some in soon.
    I would like a Kitchen Aid mixer for the lake, I could make cookies for everyone.

    Love Momma

  25. Super cute minis!! The thing I want most for Christmas this year is too have a photo taken of my entire family! It has been years since we have had a photo taken and this year I want it to happen:) Have a great holiday & thank you for the fun give away!!

  26. I forgot to leave my e-mail address in my post above! I blame holiday craziness:)


  27. i want a wii fit for christmas:)

    evan revsanford@gmail.com

  28. omG how adorable!!! I really want a Canon Digital Rebel XTi this year. I wanted it last year. And the year before that. And I'm pretty sure the year before that too. Fingers crossed... I've been an extra-good-girl this year! hehe


  29. hi Ann and Lacy.
    these 2 kit are amazing! WOW!

    this year for CHristmas i want a Tiffany bracelet with hearth! "Dear Santa advice it to my lovely boyfriend! this year i was good girl!" :)

    Merry Christmas from Italy!

  30. Tobina

    I want my grandmother... She's dying... I want her back home... with us... sharing our love with her.

  31. Charlynn Cox

    charaskc at hotmail.com

    I really want a new pair of earrings!

  32. those are super cute kits!
    and for christmas this year i really REALLY want a new camera!

    happy holidays
    xo kristen


  33. Angela Christenson

    I would really like a gift certificate to get my hair done (cut and color) it's way overdue.

  34. too cute... love the 'not so naked' name! :]


    i want a guitar for christmas this year! i've been wanting to learn to play forever...

    what do you want for christmas?

  35. This is really neat album. one thing I want is Wreck This Journal book.


  36. love these kits!!!

    one thing i want:

    a canon rebel xsi!

  37. Love this !! Besides winning this- what I want is a to lose 20 pounds! LOL

  38. super super cute leigh-ann!

    right now, the only thing i want for christmas is to see my family and friends back home. while college is fun, i miss them so so much, and am taking this opportunity to see as many people as possible!

    hope you have a wonderful holiday season :]

  39. Oh, cute!!
    Hmmm, what do I want...how cliche' would it be to say "world peace"...so maybe...

    a wii fit ;-)

    Lindsey Mullen

  40. ooh, for christmas I want a set of nestabilities for my cuttlebug, and a new camera, and a new hairdo, and a money tree (or shoudlI say plantation!) - the list goes on and on and on!!!! ha ha hah a Becks

  41. Merry Christmas!!
    This year I would love for Santa to bring me a good espresso maker so I can stop giving my hard-earned money to "The Bux"...you know, that place with the green straws. And also a shiny clean studio so I can finally set up the sewing machine I bought for myself 3 months ago!


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