5th Giveaway & Yesterday's Winner!

From Kris! One of my long time customers, Kris wants you to win this Christmas Moleskin/Journal!! All the proceeds from the items in Kris's Etsy Shop are going to her daughter Grace's Jamaica trip to an Orphanage. How to Enter: In the comments of this post, write your name/email and share your favorite thing in Kris's shop (you can also choose from her sold items). Isn't she so cute :] * And the winner of yesterday's Anatomy Jill & Button Ring giveaway is Tania!!! (Tania, please email me your current mailing address) Congratulations! And THANK-YOU Jill! You inspire me a whole lot!


  1. She is cute LA.

    I like this the best:

  2. Christine

    This is my fav: Altered pocket moleskine - small snail

  3. I love the artist pallet journal. Such a neat idea!

    Krista Juliff

  4. tania as in me??
    wow! way to make a sick girl feel better..if it is this tania??
    thanks LA !!!

  5. Hi all!

    I love, love, LOVE the small snail moleskin journal. I think this type of notepad it super excellent, durable, and now super-duper cute!

    Erin :)

    erinnyne (@) gmail dot com

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  7. Leigh-Ann I was in wpg last night for my sis-in-law's little kid Christmas concert (she's a music teacher), at Joseph Teres, and I totally drove past your street, and I told my husband, "HEY! this is Leigh-Ann's street!" and he was like, "Who's that?" and I was like, "She's this awesome crafty girl I met online, and she likes the things that I like, aka she's cool!" and he was like, "Oh.. ok."
    ha, that really happened.
    Thought you should know. :)

  8. I too love the mini mole skins!! Too bad I am not Laureen..lol

    Anyway, I'd love to win this Christmas journal it's fantastic!
    So creative...thanks for offering it as a giveaway!
    (love this blog)

    Holly S


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