my collection & the house

Last week I sorted all of my buttons... and these are them! When I kick it, I've decided i'm leaving my buttons to Inka and Olivia & Kennedy. Our house seems to be collapsing. In the past 2 weeks, I flushed a pillbox down the toilet (accidentally! long story), and couldn't use it for days! (Tyson came over and helped us out! Thank-you Tys! He's doing really good by the way). Also, our sink pipe cracked and was dripping (now fixed). Our sewer backed up (holy cow gross!) annnd our hot water tank went 5days ago (haven't had hot water all week). On further discussion with my dad, he thinks it's the pilot light. He said to call Central gas. Instead, I watched a wise tutorial on Youtube and today, I'm going to try re-lighting it myself. ADDED: IT WAS THE PILOT LIGHT! And the house DIDN'T blow upppp!!! Yayyyyy! Plus...saved $600! And I'm totally having a warmish-hot shower in eta: 1hour! Oh! and last night, we were half asleep and we suddenly hear dripping in our room. I automatically think the roof is leaking. I get up quick, say "Keith, stop swearing.", grab my glasses and flick the light... my cup of water had just spilt. Today my nieces turn TWO! Happy Birthday Hunnies! Can't wait for their birthday party on Saturday... I'm making them dolls :) And sometime next week, I'll take them to the photobooth for our annual photoshoots :)


  1. I'm so sorry your house is attacking you guys. I hope it gets over this hiccup soon.

    I love all the buttons, how great is that. I love buttons but I've only got one jar. :D

    And I've had the same thing with our pilot light. Old house, hot water heater is outside in the little storage room that is in our screened in porch and if we have a terrible storm with a lot of wind or it floods because of a Hurricane or bad thunderstorm we have to relight it. It's a pain.

    I wish I knew where a photobooth was around here. I'll find one someday.

  2. I love that you do an annual photo booth with your nieces. You are an awesome aunt!

  3. OK you do realize that by posting that pic of ALL those buttons it's equivalent to an alcoholic posting a picture of their liquor cabinet/fridge - RIGHT????
    Step 1: admit you have a problem!! LOL!!

    as for the house - that just plain sucks - if the place falls in where will you keep all those buttons???

  4. and i keep forgetting to ask you about this:
    Do you have a new blog for Lacey in Michigan? Your link is no longer good for her on your girl power spot. I just wanted to check in on her and see how she was doing.
    love ya!!

  5. sounds like life is full! but good!
    have a happy weekend LA:)

  6. Oh No.... Hopefully good things start happening soon.

    Glad to hear Tyson is doing well.

    I LOVE all your buttons. HOW COOL! I am now on a mission to match you ... LOL

  7. "When I kick it, I've decided i'm leaving my buttons to Inka and Olivia & Kennedy." This is so sweet. :) Altough I´m not wanting you to kick it!!!! Don´t get me wrong, lol.
    We should have a button swap together! How cool that would be!? ;)

    Oh, and Happy (late) Birthday to O&K!! I hope you´ll have an amazing party today. :)


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