Happy Friday :)

Also, my sweet friend Inka is having a Christmas sale in her Etsy Shop :) I have bought (and won) lots of her creations and they are so nice and well made :) Go take a look :) And here's another cute picture of Ink :) She makes me smile all the time :]


  1. Nice hair cut Keith...You are cute!!

    Loved the eye brow races. I found myself doing them at the same time. You both are funny!!!

    Happy Friday!!!!

  2. I think that Leigh-Ann is the winner and Keith cheated. He kept stopping his eyebrows to look at you. ;) You guys are so cute together!!!

  3. you´re so funny together. :)

    thanks for the shout out classmate. :)

  4. I'm just watching you guys and suddenly I realize I'm eyebrow racing right along with ya! Too funny!

  5. That is great... I laughed so hard at this video. You guys are so freakin' cute.


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