My Favorite Place in the Whole World.

Heading home today...wish we could stay. It's 2pm and Keith and the kids are still sleeping. We're going to make homemade pizza soon. I'm stitching an apron today. The leaves are falling like crazy and the smell of firestove is in the air. I love it here.


  1. Judy (Keith's Mom)10/03/2008 02:47:00 pm

    It looks so pretty out at the lake. I'll bet the dogs just love running free out there.

  2. i love the first picture of you two. perfect family portrait. so glad that you are experiencing so much love and happiness. miss you though as i am way to busy to connect with anyone:(

  3. LOve the new pictures... Oh I love the smell of fireplace. Yum.

  4. dude, i have been so freaking boring lately! what is going on?!?! it's flipping ridonculous. i've been reading everyone elses blogs but i can't seem to force myself to comment or post. i need to try harder. for sure. this is my solemn vow...btw, tell tom hello and i love him lots...lola too, but she already knew that, i think :]



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