Happy Birthday Momma!!!

I love you so much Mom! I hope your day was awesome and special and full of love! Happy Birthday to the most amazing woman I've ever known! I love love love you!!! Hugs! Sidebar: Angela, I'll answer your Q in a future blog post... and I totally understand your question, I'm not mad. Love you! PS> Tom runs sideways.


  1. Thank you Leigh-Ann. I love you and Keith. I had a wonderful day. I had Olivia, Kennedy and Amanda come to see me and join me for lunch, the girls brought me flowers each and Amanda brought a cake also. It was really nice to have them come and share my lunch. Then this evening we took Olivia and Kennedy with us to Boston Pizza for dinner. It turned out to be a nice birthday.
    Hope you're having fun with Tom. :)

    Love Momma

  2. I love it when our little ones run sideways.

    Is it getting colder there now? I had to turn the heat on tonight...

    Hey I've got good news.....I made my first Etsy sale yesterday. I was so happy. It gives me the drive to make more stuff.

    ? about paypal.....Are you only able to have up to 5 withdrawl per mo.? Do you (personally) wait till you have a certain amount in your paypal before you withdrawl?

    Happy Birthday to your Mom!

  3. Oh your Mom's Birthday is 2 days before mine.... WELL... Tell her I said Happy Birthday.


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