50% off Everything!

Friday till Tuesday, EVERYTHING in our Etsy Shop is... Ya! I've LOADED it up and there are lots of NEW things! :) And I want to cleeeear it out :) Shop and stock up for Christmas, purchase what you want BUT wait for me to send the adjusted invoice :) AT HALF PRICE! Note: The prices in the shop are showing full price. You only pay half of that :) Shipping remains the same. Favor? Hi Guys :) If you have a blog, please mention this big sale and link it to our Etsy Shop :) Please :) Here's the link: http://www.FreckledNest.etsy.com Just for fun, this afternoons office:


  1. i added a little blurb on my blog for you :) loves!

    ps. it makes me feel good to know that things are falling into place for you. happy things.

  2. i also added a note to my newest post that you´re having a sale! :)

  3. yay for sales.
    and yay for offices that look like yours! :)
    hi to mama for me. k?!

  4. I will link when I post something.

    I gotta laugh at your set up here. (The TV pointing down at you on the couch)

  5. Oh, how I wish my office looked like that!

    I added a link to your shop too.

  6. Are you SLASHING PRICES?!

  7. Hi there. I linked to you today too. Any chance you could link to mine? I need votes for a recipe contest. I'm up against some power-bloggers with thousands of friends and readers. Here's the link to my blog, with details about the contest. All you have to do is click on the number of stars you think my recipe is worthy of. The prize is $1,000! Think of all the frecklednest stuff I could buy?! :)


    Have a great weekend, on the couch.

  8. I've blurbed you with love over on my blog. (Of course I had to make sure I put my own order in first - hee hee. Now if I get what I ordered, I think that I might be wearing your banner soon?


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