How YOU Doing

Today, Amanda and I went out for lunch. Olive Garden. Magic food. I gladly fed Olivia and Kennedy all the beans from my soup. They love beans. Warning: Big Surpise for YOU coming this Thursday. Stay Tuned :] Also: Fall Kit Release tomorrow :) Favorite thing to say these days. Can't stop:


  1. funny babe I love you so much! now get back to work ;)

  2. who ever was wearing the pink looks like she is doing a hitler march

  3. They are so adorable LA... Tell your sis.

    Surprise? I love surprises.

    Check out the red stove on my blog

  4. I just recently seen the last 30 min of this movie a week ago on HBO and I laughed my you know what off. I need to see the whole thing now.

    Have you ever seen the movie Diary of a Mad Black Woman with Madea (Tyler Perry)? That one is my most favorite ever. If you havn't then you and Kieth need to see it.

    Have a good night LA!!

  5. That first picture is so awesome. It makes me miss my sister. And I LOVE Amanda's shoes (isn't it kind of weird that I've never met you let alone your sister and yet it is so easy to know who is who in a picture of feet - blogging is just such a weird wonderful thing)

  6. olivia and kennedy are so adorable. cute! :)


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