The Races & The Couch

Last Sunday, we went to the Drag Races with Keith's Mom and Dad. Oh my!! It was so loud! Lol, I covered my ears so many times, haha. It was funny... I like cars, but in a different way than the Lusty's. I say things like, "oh!! i like that one! it's got a good color scheme!" and "hey--they have a mr.lube sticker too" and "that's a nice font" and "ooo, they have a good outfit to match their car. i hope they win". Keith was running so funny, legs flailing out almost tripping forward... kinda like Phoebe and Rachel on that episode of Friends. This was one of the Wild Boys... he wheelied all the way down the track! This is the same place where Keith raced his Vega. His Uncle Roger is an artist and sells Keith's car as a print. Keith has the original artwork and it's hung in our dining room :) Member last Friday, I bought a couch thrifting. It stayed in our car all week, touring the city with us...we didn't feel like taking it out yet, lol. We joked about it all week. We went cruising, had the music blaring, felt cool, turned around and---there was a couch (very cool). Keith pretended it was an unruley child "you quiet down back there or i'll turn this car around!". We were kissing in the car one night...I opened my eyes and lol, there was the couch, watchin us. haha. Our parents kept asking us "when are you going to take the couch out of the car?!". We finally took it out yesterday so Lola will be able to *fit* on the drive out to the lake tonight. Here's a little album I made for Tish :] We're heading out to the cabin this weekend, everyones gonna be there :) Party! Have a great weekend :] Hugs :) LA


  1. the couch....yum. does it smell like old people?

  2. happy cabin weekend! Oh the adventures of LA and Keithcake always bring a smile!

  3. I've heard of riding the couch (as in being lazy - nothing rude implied)...but taking the couch for a ride is a new one.

    You find the coolest stuff. If I could pick one person in the world to go shopping with, it would be you.

  4. That album looks perfect for the wedding photos, LA! Thanks so much!
    Have fun @ the cabin...


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