We can't stop listening to (and singing) THIS:



  1. OMG
    NEW KIDS! I WAS IN LOVE WITH THEM when I was a kiddo!!

    How does Joey have such perfect teeth? LOL

  2. New Men On The Block. Time has been kind! : ) Now if we could just get Marky Mark to bring the Funky Bunch back!

  3. OH MY GOODNESSS, I have chillllllllsssss. I remember seeing them in concert when I was 8, Donnie was my favorite, probably still is. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww, I feel like im 8 again:) lol

  4. How fun is this! I used to practice making out with my Joey poster back in the day :) There was a worn out spot on his mouth, lol. True story :) However, mine isn't nearly as good as your "nibbling in the janitor's closet" hahaha...still laughing about that one!

  5. ok after seeing this yesterday i looked and looked for a picture of me sporting my new kids t-shirt when I was so in love. Sadly, I could not find it but it was a fun trip down memory lane all the same!
    xo Lacy

  6. I seriously peed my pants when I first heard this on the radio, I was on my way to my sisters....I had to call her and say "omg, guess what I am listening to right now!" Back in the day (just like everyone else commenting on this post) I was in love with Jordan, and Tiff was in love with Jon. Now, they all look really old!!! :P Except Joey....I would still love Jordan except for the fact that I saw him on Surreal Life and saw how much of a ??? (fill in the blank) he was. :P Still, I'm glad they're back together, hope they aren't just a flash in the pan...

    ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh Hangin' Tough!
    oh oh oooh oh oh oh oh oh oh oooh, the RIGHT STUFF!
    step by step, ooh baby! Gonna get to you girrrrlll!


  7. OH, MY, GAWD!!!!! the first time I left a comment I only had the song playing in the back ground....NOW, I replayed it and watched it........here are my thoughts:
    -ROFL, they look ridiculous in their "dance silhouette" poses!
    -ROFL even more to the superb dance sequence at the end.....

    Oh NKOTB, you rock my world! :P

  8. This is too funny. I saw them on a news show a while back and forgot they were coming back.... TOO FUNNY!!!

    I am thinking about big hair and cool pin up posters... TOO FUNNY!

    I was in love with them.


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