"numerous times"

hi :)
Today's gonna be such a good day :) I'm filled with anticipation :) Am I going to end each sentence in this blog post with a smiley? :) Probably :) I'm currently uploading my camera onto the laptop, eating a blueberry bagel and big milk...and watching Designer Guys :) Today, I'm finishing up some fun projects I've been working on thru the weekend...new treats for my Etsy Store. I updated the shop a bit this weekend... bigger sketchbooks and some other things :) (Juicy Raspberry Sketchbook - $18 plus $4 shipping) (Dillweed Sketchbook - $18 plus $4 shipping) (Bibliotheque Sketchbook - Sold) Plussss, very cool: I opened a new shop thru Funky Finds. Joe and Jessica (Joessica) have created The Shops @ Funky Finds and it *seriously* rocks... so much easier than Etsy...and QUICK! I'm a believer!! (Here and here's some info if you're a curious kitty) and here's my new shop :) (Note: The prices are the same as my etsy shop, but they already include the cdn/usa shipping.) Now I'm watching Judge Joe Brown. "He's the real deal." Mom and Dad went to America this weekend...and YAY, Mom brought me back a case of Sierra Mist! (My favorite drink since Minneapolis...but Canada jips us...not sold here.) Thanks Mom!! We went to Tremane's Birthday party (my cousin Holly's son) yesterday :) It was so nice to see my family and hang. Keith and I had a waterfight :) And Grandpa was making me laugh... he was putting salt on his celery. And noting, this is a "Low-Flo Salt Shaker". I love him and his comments ;) Time to "go" to work :) Hope you have a GREAT Monday!! Yay for Summer!


  1. happy monday to you too LA

  2. Cute new stuff LA...

    "The Shops @ Funky Finds" WOW what a great idea!!!

  3. great sketchbooks!!!!! :):):):):)

    Happy Monday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I'm feeling your happy and raising you another : )

  5. the new sketchbooks are great!!
    have a lovely week miss LA. :)

  6. I especially like the "dillweed" sketchbook.....;) Love ya babe :)

  7. Mmmm... love the bibliotheque one. So yummy! I love the top photo... is that working on projects while you watch the telly? Great multitasking! I think this full time Freckled Nest thing is treating you well. Congrats!

    I'm still loving my banner. I also wanted to let you know that I'm going to have a Girls Night soon and we're going to all make the One Hour Photo Book that you had a tut. for a while back. I sent out invites today, but didn't give many details. Just arrive for wine, cheese and crafts! Can't wait! Wanna come? :)



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