new things for sale :]

MixMaster - Vintage Pack (Go HERE for a List of Contents) 5 left, $16 each (sold to: Miranda) *(
heArt can (includes 70 stamps/40punches/1 hand-stitched heart/1 tin) 3 left, $15 each (sold to: Rainy) *
One Hour Mini-Book Kit (includes instructions & supplies to make 1 mini album. example HERE.) 4 Available, $10 each *
Ugly Mugs (includes 10 Ugly Mugs; each on a Playing Card) 4 packs left, $5 each (sold to: Inka, A.Patty) * (How To Purchase)
If you want to buy something you see here... in the comments of this post, please write your name, email/paypal email annnnd which item(s) you want...but first look if anybody else has bought it and how many are left. &
*Payment by Paypal (we will invoice). *Items will be shipped out this Friday (18th)
*Prices in American.* *Shipping Additional heArt Tin Shipping $4 Mini Book Kit Shipping $4 MixMaster Shipping $7 Ugly Mugs Shipping $2 *Combined Shipping Available :) Happy Shopping!! :]


  1. hmmmmm, ok, being currently jobless and you having a cool pack of stuff named "Mixmaster" is not helping me!!!!!


  2. Yummy stuff in here... I really like the Mixmaster and the ugly mugs.

    If only Tony would let me buy them....

    I am sure they will make someone very happy..

    OHHHHH I want them. Don't let me buy them!

  3. Okay, I can't resist a MixMaster.
    It's all just TOO good :)

  4. oooh, one ugly mugs pack for me please. :)
    you know my paypal. hihi.

  5. is one of these what my coupon is for? i wanna use it!!

  6. hi evan :)
    nope...the coupons are for the summer kits...they'll be released next week :)

  7. okie dokie. can't WAIT to see them!

  8. You are Fabulous!!!! Such cute items. I will have to think it over. Talk to you later.

  9. Dang it...WOMAN! You are just killing me with this! I sinfully lust after the ugly mugs and the mixmaster...just thought you should know that you are responsible for my transgressions. Shame on you. Haha. So jealous of your ingenuity (sp?)...and yes, I get major vocab points for the use of the word ingenuity- in context I might add ;) haha.

    Have a good one lady! You are on a roll!

  10. hmmmm, so what replaces my windchime since no bloggie anymore? Or has that ship sailed? :)


    p.s. - i miss you... :(


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