leave a smile behind :)

A stranger came along and read it. We both smiled, seperately. Warm a heart today :)


  1. love that you spread love. love the new glasses, love love love the pict of you two hatching!

  2. I need a note like that today. I'm suppose to be moving into my new house today, we still don't have keys. My sister went into labour yesterday, there's still no baby. We called the phone company 6 weeks ago to get phone and internet at our new house, we won't have either anytime in the near future. I just want to have a nap until all of this is over...

  3. What a great Idea...

    Guess what?

    I am getting a new phone a pda... so you will be seeing more comments and post from soon..

    Btw.. Did you see my new blog with Danielle?


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