go see Kinsey

I love all this yellow, orange and white with blue accents! I think Kinsey's a seriously talented and juicy designer! Go see her blog, go see her etsy, go see her flickr. You'll drool. She just *gets* it. Lovin her style :] * * * * * Change of Plans: We're gonna see Sex in the City next week instead. 3 Secretary Days left! A party is a good idea! hmmmm... well--- i'll be having a dance party in the studio on Friday... then Keith, Lola and I are going to the cabin Friday & Saturday :) I'm holding off on the June Featured product...but July, yes :) There's only ONE Spring Kit left :] Regular $40, SALE TODAY $35 Whoevers first. ADDDDDED: Sold Out. Karisa, my friend from Indiana is in Winnipeg next week and we're spending Friday and Saturday together. We rented a posh hotel room and we're gonna jump on the beds, do photoshoots, go swimming, she's gonna cut & colour my hair (she's a stylist) and we're gonna laugh it up like the old days! I can't wait!!!! Happy Tuesday Everyone!! Lala


  1. i just browse through kinsey´s flickr and i think i´m in love...
    she´s so freaking organized!! :)

  2. Holy crap! Thank you thank you thank you...I am like a huge fan of yours so imagine my utter shock when I come to visit your blog and my name is on it! Hahaha, what a great way to start the day, with a huge compliment from a super talented gal...

    Thank you can't be said enough :]

  3. oooh, have SO MUCH fun with your friend. hotels and haircuts and jumping on beds. so fun!

  4. Cant wait to see your new dooo!! I love getting my hair done.

    I also cant wait for you to post your GD RVKC project. Hurry up !! LOL!!!

    Hope you have a great time!

  5. so glad to see you found Kinsey...she is one of our new teachers here at Green Tangerines, in Rocklin, CA we love her work as well!!!

  6. If it isn't gone, I would love the kit!


  7. I added her to my reader... she is great!

    Thanks for the new blog LA


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