FN Identity Stealer

(I updated the links in my left sidebar yesterday & here's a funny email elizabeth just sent me ;) *
Well hello there lovely LA, I have to tell you how I excited I was when I saw my name under ‘Girl Power’. Until I clicked on it (in case you’ve been crushing on more Elizabeth’s and don’t really love me as much as I hoped) and discovered that it links back to your site. Which actually leads me to believe that you’re now crushing on me to the point of actually wanting to be me. So let me just warn you that if you want to be Elizabeth you’ll need to: a) Grow two more sets of arms to pig wrestle my out-of-control children today (although they are still adorably cute) b) Start nursing, which may pose a few challenges (what with the whole ‘you’re probably not lactating thing’) but I’m sure you’ll come up with something creative c) Learn how to knit because I have a whole bunch of unfinished projects that you’ll need to get to work on right away The bonus about being me (if points a-c haven’t turned you off) is that you’ll get to wear a new outfit to a very cool party at a very hot lakefront club this Thursday. Because every now and again it’s pretty fun to be me. *smile* First things first though. Go fix that link. ; ) Xoxo, elizabeth * * * Lol... love you friend. I fixed it. I can't lactate.


  1. big wet totally platonic *mwah*!

    Thanks LA!

    And I hate that I just found a grammatical error in my own e-mail. Obsess much Elizabeth?

  2. ooooh look, there's me, too! Love, love!!

  3. ooooh look, there's me, too! Love, love!!

  4. Oh my, I am *linked* <3

    *bounces and squeees*


  5. "They said you'd go quietly!!"
    Keanu Reeves,(1990)

  6. so stinking funny! i love love LOVE the new header on your blog. fantastically cute:)

  7. Her email is so funny...

    Cute post!


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