Freestyle Friday: Capture Something Special

* Yaaaay! It's Friday again!!! One week from today... I'll be waking up, making tea for me and kc, going down the hall, entering my studio with Lola, and working at my new job, Freckled Nest! *

Today's Freestyle Friday is an easy challenge. Go photograph something special.

I captured this moment between Keith and his dad, Dave when we were at the nhl model convention last week. They're pretty much best friends and both share the same passion for automobilia and model cars. I love watching them study each little piece of art...and i love listening to the dialog between them as they hover and discuss each model... it's incredible.
Watch for something like that in your week this week... Something precious!
*And share it/them with us here :)
* * * * *
Go check out my friend Elsie's etsy update...lots of very nice juicy things!
Creative weekend coming... working on my GD Mini Album for Red Velvet Kit Club :]*
Here's the kit I'm working with; for sale here.
june=puppy theme!


  1. Cant wait to see what comes of the RVK you have there:) Im sooo excited for you and your new ventures!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I am an NNL top 10 winner!!!! Love ya babe :) Thanks for all your support. Congrats to my dad for getting photographed for scale auto and model cars magazine!

  3. this is a very cute idea LA.

    I'll keep my eyes peeled for special and sweet moments to add to freestlye friday!

  4. i´m going to see my cousins 4-year-old sons first race (running) tomorrow. i hope to get some VERY precious picture moments. :)
    btw, can i make the other freestyle fridays later? haven´t had time now and i WANT to do them. ;)

    thanks for the link to elsie´s etsy. i got such a cute things from there! hihi. love.elsie!

  5. Hi Ink :)
    Yes :) You can definately do them in any order, any time. In a few weeks, I'll put links to all of them into the discussion board in the flickr group... but for now, they're linked in my blogs right column near the bottom :)

    Hugs! Glad you're so excited to embroider!!

    SC :)

  6. Hey just wanted to let you know that I am going up north for 1 week... So when I get back you will get a TON of comments from me....LOL

    hey have I told you how cool it is that you are going to full time....

  7. While waiting for my flickr uploader to do it's awesome thang, I stopped by your YouTube site!

    You totally have an accent to me :D

    I love the way canadians say "abooot"!

    PS that puppy kit looks very cool. I blame this blog for all kinds of wicked crafty enabling!

  8. Yay LA I've got the kit that your the GD for. And I cant wait to see what your do.

    I'm so happy to hear about your new job. You lucky duck.


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