he loves animals he takes very lonnnng showers he has incredible comedic timing he has very soft feet he impersonates kramer he is 2 years older than me he builds cars he's shy but not he sings funny songs he LOVES seinfeld he gives Lola too many treats, all the time he never smells he gives the best hugs ever he works hard he just asked lola if she's a coc-addict (lol?!) he says please to lola he's nice and tall he drives really good he believes in me he makes funny characters ("ciggwoetts maen") he lets me take as many pictures as i want he has big muscles he has the sweetest voice he makes me so happy he likes bums he lets me call him keithcake he loves me with all his heart he's extremely talented he has a big appetite he calls me babe he's passionate he writes me love neutons he's SO SO funny he cheers me up he styles my hair he loves snoop and nelly he's patient he can grow a beard in days he hates white sunglasses and 4door classic cars he loves my curves he compares which animal and celebrity people look like he hates when his collar gets stretched he takes care of me he wants to meet(be) kyle busch he loves his mom he wears my tshirts he loves so strong he texts while driving he thinks i'm beautiful he tickles me and i kick uncontrollably he's honest he has the nicest hands he should be a nascar driver he tried to grow a rat tail when he was younger he loves me just as much.


  1. hope you are creating lot's of great stuff babe :) I'm gonna work on my car for a bit k, love ya...mwah!

  2. bums as in rear ends or homeless people? (that was my first thought when I read that - how weird is that?

  3. I would like to add... he has a sweet, precious smile.

  4. What a beautiful list. It inspires me to make one about my T. I think we don't really tell our loved ones why we love them often enough, and sometimes it's really nice to have a bit of clarification on the phrase "I love you".

  5. -We love Keith too Leigh-Ann.
    -He's a great guy and we've warmed up to him nicely. Hope he's warmed up to us too. WE'RE A CRAZY FAMILY KEITH!
    -He's got a wonderful, special name.
    -He takes fantastic care of you.
    -But most of all, he makes you very happy and thats what counts!!!

    We love you both, Leigh-Ann and Keith.

    Love Momma
    (tired Momma)

  6. I can totally see the Kramer thing. :)

  7. a very fine list LA, very fine! he is a keeper. Happy first day of your new job,,,i think or am i a week early...anyhow... happy day anyhow...

  8. ok cutie pop, this post has inspired me to make an album for Cliff of all the things I love about him! I make so many albums for others it's high time he get a love note album. muah!


    This is special LDR... I am happy that you are so happy. You deserve IT!


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