before we leave for America...

Keith and I are going to Minneapolis this week with his parents... Thursday-Sunday. I've never went somewhere on a vacation before! It's gonna be SO FUN! - exchange money (can to am) - shop for mirrors for Keith's turntables (for model display) - clean house and buy groceries for Kody while he takes care of Lola - laundry - pack stitching for the drive - paint toenails - ship albums to kristen and jocelynne - finish downsizing photos on computer (so i have room to upload movies from the Flip) - pack lite (psssha) - refill perscription - make a usa shopping list (elsie book, books, goonies dvd, shorts, new dog leash, summer clothes, shoes, scrapbook stuff, candy) there. done this one. that's my list. any other recommendations? - charge camera - go to brazil ;) - draft Freestyle Friday for June 6 - travel insurance - cut grass - return spraypaint to Canadian Tire - pack birth certificate and medicine (things i always forget) 3 sleeps till we leave :) eeeeeeeek! :] ps. The Flip videocamera will be waiting for me at our Hotel in Minni there will be fun footage :) annnnnnd Me and Keith's hotel room has wireless; i will blog it up! American style ;)


  1. I'm finally the first one to comment!! Have fun, wish I could meet you up there and see the big mall, and Archivers of course!!

  2. I keep hearing the "were coming to a America" song in my head by Neil Diamond:) lol. I hope you have tons of fun in our not so little country!

  3. ohh, love a road trip! Hope you have an awesome time.

  4. how exciting! Not that I NEED to tell you but takes LOTS of pics!
    I really want to go to Canada. Maybe some day.
    Also, I laughed because of where your shopping list cut off due to formatting. For a moment, I though it said "new dog" then I went to the next line to see "leash" haha
    I mean, American dogs are pretty cool and all but I'm guessing a good ole canuck canine is good stuff!

  5. Your first vacation?! Seriously! Oh wow, have a blast!

  6. I am soooooo freakin excited for the both of you. And to think you are only a state away from me. My sister and I stayed at the Super 8 when we visited the Mall of America. You are going to be in awe when you walk into that place.

    I just did some research for you...I called the Archivers in the Mall Of America to see if they had any copies of the Love Elsie Idea Box available. They only have 1 but that one has a dent in the top of the box and it is cracked. They have more on order they just dont know when they will be in. Also there are other Archiver's locations and the lady said that they are close by and even on your way. One is in Apple Valley they have 6 copies available, and the other is in Eden Praire with 4 copies available. If you go to you can get address/directions/phone numbers for these locations. Good luck with your search for the Love Elsie Box.

    I just noticed on RVKC that your the guest designer for the Love Elsie daisy kit, I cant wait to see what you create.

    It's funny that you say you need to return something to Canadian Tire. Canadian Tire is one of our buyers for the company that I work for.

    Anyway cant wait for all the footage!!

  7. I don't think I knew this about you, this is your first trip? Do you mean out of the country?

    Minneapolis is fun, but next time I'm there I HAVE to go downtown - I know there must be alot more cooler things than the mall. It's neat, but the real draw for me to the area is the IKEA.

    I'll be following you shorty, we're going to the Myth to see Rancid again on Todds Bday next month!

  8. I got my albums today!!! YAHOO!!! I am so excited about them...can't wait to put my mini album together!! :) Love ya chicky!!!!!!!

    ps...don't you love my overpunctuating self! :)

  9. Three comments:

    (1) one room? I know - two beds!

    (2) you're going here - right?

    (3) Mall of America - make sure you visit Archivers in the mall.

  10. Leigh-Ann, you failed to mention that this is your first holiday in your adult life. Leigh-Ann has been on many holidays with her family, Vancouver, Edmonton, camping and she even went to Guatamala, not for a holiday, to work on a mission. BUT, this is her first holiday with "KEITHCAKE".
    Have fun Leigh-Ann and Keith. Keep an eye on her spending Keith, she kind of gets out of hand and then she's scraping the bottom of the barrel when she gets home and starving herself. Oops I spent too much.

    Love Momma

  11. Ok I am totally cracking up. Your list is perfect and girl you are busy. My suggest is pack light and then you will absolutely HAVE TO buy things when you arrive at your destination!

    ps- I call them wake ups but sleeps works too. 3 more wake ups for you! Sweet dreams.
    --lacy (in california)

  12. Lacy, I call them wakeups, too!

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  14. You are going to be so much closer... AHHHH!!!!

    The flip will be there for sure on Wednesday and I added the 200 shipping insurance. It was 9 bucks to ship!

    Can't wait to see the States blogging and the new videos!

    I left 2 surprise videos for you!!!

  15. you´re going to have awesome time in the america LA and Keith!
    and hey, your list of things to do is getting smaller. way to go gf. :)

  16. freakin sweet!!!! hope you LOVE it!!!!!


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