i'm in the Forest

In Attendance: Mom, Dad, Kody, Grandma, Matt, Amanda, Olivia, Kennedy, Leigh-Ann, Keith, Grandma & Grandpa Four Leggers: Lola, Reese, Roxy, Callie The women all just got back from Grandma and Grandpas (they live 15 minutes away from the cabin) and the men are still there putting shingles onto theGran's roof. Keith is fitting right in :) Me and Olivia and Kennedy fell asleep on the ride home. And now I'm in my room with Lola :) I was planning to continue my lovely nap... but then i thought i'd check if last years occasional cabin wireless would kick in. Then, me and Kristen started texting each other. And now I'm pantless blogging. O&K, Mom and Grandma went for nap and Amanda's watching a DVD and secretly eating lots of candy. I got to drive a tractor today. Oh rainy days like today... I love you :) Time for a little nap. Can't wait to see Keith again :) * Then Amanda and I are making Mother's Day supper together for Momma :) Chicken and Vegetable Shishcaboobs, Cubed Cheesy Potatoes, Corn on the Cob, Taco Salad....and Chocolate cake!


  1. Very Fun!

    You guys sound like your having so much fun.

    I think it's great when guys (boyfriends) fit in with the Family.

    It gives me an "everything is going to be okay" feeling!

  2. you´re having such a nice time there. :)
    can´t wait to see some pics!

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  4. It sounds like a good time. I love Rainy Day's also especially if I'm at home and I can hear it and watch it out of the window. I love crafting during that time. Have a good time with your fam, they are who count the most.

  5. Oh what a fun weekend! Love your cute strip-edddy sockies.
    I could so go for some Choc cake right now!

  6. Yum yum the menu sounded delicious!

    Glad to hear you had a good time.


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