i'm giving myself a gold star! :]

(handstitched roll-up with vintage milk glass buttons)

Okay seriously! I'm STILL hyper about ALLLLL the things I did this weekend!!!! Having that list and motivation was pretty super!

Right after work, I'm zippin to Canada Post to get all these DONE things to their new homes! :)

Above is Inka's Rollup :) Amanda and I call her Inka Klum cause she sounds like Heidi Klum and we all love Project Runway :) Inka has many fun names :) She's going to keep her pencils for sketching silhouettes in it...and other tools :)

Listening to One Star Story today. Lovin.

Here's all my DONE stuff!!!! Meredith and Kendra's albums, Michelle's banner, Cleaned Studio, Kits Stuffed, Inka and Alice's Roll-ups, 5 Photobooth Albums for Emily, Taxes Done, Some Laundry, Lots of funtimes with Keith :)

AND I started a new project (on sale tomorrow), and Rachel's Polaroid album...and even more exciting: I got an order yesterday for 2 personalized photobooth albums and i STARTED IT RIGHT AWAY! This is a big cool flippin deal...! Know why? CAUSE I'M CAUGHT UP!!! I haven't had this feeling for at least a year!

And Keith and I crafted together lots this weekend! (i made albums, he made models, we smiled at each other) We made my studio into our studio :) It's incredible!

Here's my undone stuff :( Dishes, Laundry, Yard (Lol...notice there's a theme... haha)

ASHLI: I saw Tila Taquila at the Tank this weekend. I thought of you and Paul right away ;)

Now I'm off to adjust my 'In Progress' List in the sidebar...and that's really rewarding :)


  1. yayyyyy lagator!!
    way to go girlfriend. you did an awesome job with your list this weekend. :)
    aaaaand, i totally ADORE that roll-up. drools. lol. i can´t wait to have it and store all my little things in there. hihi!
    love ya lovely.birdie. :)

  2. oh that roll up is cutie pattoootie! so what do you put in it?

    you knocked off a lot of things this weekend! i scrapped for ohhh 13 hours on saturday..i love scrappin!

  3. i'm *so* happy you love it ink! :)

    Van...this will probably help :) http://www.etsy.com/view_transaction.php?transaction_id=8448707

    13 hours?! woah! my record is 15 hours, but i'm satisfied with 14 ;)
    it's just to fun to stop (or need sleep or food)

  4. Our studio...how freaking cute is that? Ok, almost too cute and sweet for me...but I love ya anyway! :)

    You're awesome chick...glad you had a very productive and loving weekend!! :)

    I finished my list too...

    I will be posting maybe tonight or tomorrow and I have a picture of it....

    Talk to you soon
    love you LDR

    ps. do you still need measurements for my laptop...

  6. what an accomplishment! Good job!


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