some things i like...

these colors and using old purses you forgot you had:
the view from bed and little pillows and sunlight on saturdays:
our shoes and this moment and text:
winnipeg and the elevator and driving at night:
playing on the bridge at the forks and reflections:
my new babyblue hoodie and keith taking pictures of me: life every day.
other things i like...
you. the tank. collapse-laughing. hair straightners. keiths mom. smiles from strangers. pizza. my sister. pentel rsvp pens. fresh socks. amelie. flashbulbs. crossing things off my list. buttons. driving home on friday. being in love. polka dots. johnny castle. the smell of gasoline. boys in board shorts with flipflops. my name. northern geese. the word 'plethora'. bread with nuts in it. seeing beauty everywhere. texting. hugs with keith. mcdonalds cocacola. gst cheques. singing in the car. photobooths. earthworms. station wagons. diving off docks.
the way i feel when i'm with you.
things i do not like...
onions. changing diapers. being bit. colour schemes of the 90's. the word 'moist'. forest green. still getting mail for the guy who lived at my house 5+ years ago. not enough time in the day. my brothers farts. waking up early. waking up. jealousy. no mailbox near my house. basement bugs.


  1. I've noticed a lot of people aren't super huge fans of the word "moist." *laughs

  2. it makes me think of humid things growing in weird places. like under rocks with centipeeds.

    i can handle moisten. like moistened towelette. but not moist. haha.

  3. great list, LA! I love that you have a favourite kind of too! I only write in my journal with one kind of pen and I will go buy a new one just to write in it. hahaha

  4. valofthesouth@gmail.com4/22/2008 12:47:00 pm

    Did you know you can decorate the barrel of rsvp pens - I printed peoples names on cute paper and slid them inside the barrel (there's tutes on the net with details) - made me love the rsvp even more!!

    And really - is there anything better than mc donalds coke...? I think not!! ok, maybe family, love, health, but not much else!

  5. I think you missed a few things: paper, any kind of stationary supplies or papers, vintage STUFF, the cottage, and what happened to your momma and pappa???
    And me I like any kind of cheques payable to me.
    Hope you had a great day Leigh-Ann and Keith.

    Love Momma

  6. i said 'you' first. it's all incapsulating. good call on *all* checks but gst cheques are especially nice cause they kinda surprise ya! i'm still sick (amanda sneeking my drink at the social saturday was not adventageous!) but i still had a great day :) going to the tank tonight! new fave place :)
    (the tank is this amazing huge tunnel fish tank with beautiful tropical fish... and 2 eels. totally amazing. you stand in the tunnel...feels like you're underwater.)

    lol, mom, it's cute how you talk to keith thru my blog ;)

  7. Some things...I think your mom is super cute! :)

    I can't believe I got NO response from my text tonight...I sent it after reading this post and I was trying to combine one thing you liked with you thing you didn't...just in case you missed that!

    I love purses I forgot I had too...unfortunately I have downsized my collection so much that I don't typically forget what I have anymore...oh well! Maybe we should do a purse swap!

    You are a thotmessbag and I love you to pieces!! :) Oh and Teaque and I love our secret convos with you dropping case you missed that too! :) ROFL!

  8. I was going to mention the "paper" thing ... but really, you don't "like" paper ... you are infatuated with paper ... you are mesmerized with paper ... paper is like the sun and moon ... and I'm thinking now, it's (paper) coming in a close second to no. 1 - Keith! I loved the quote "the way I feel when I'm with you" ... there's another like - Dirty Dancing movie!

  9. don't be hating on me HEYYYYY

  10. Don't be a hating HEYYY

  11. actually, I've never met a woman who liked the word, "moist". Ew.

  12. love this post leigh-ann, and all the photos. :)
    your purse rocks!
    love ya gator.

  13. so, tell me about "the tank", sounds like a place David and i need to check out.

  14. CL,
    The Tank is at Club Regent.
    Totally free entertainment :]

  15. Autumn, i got your "moist" text but i was elbow deep in suds. Doing dishes. It made me laugh and cringe. haha.
    i'm lovin you and teaques emails. haha. maybe i should turn the tables on you THough ;)

    Val: i've seen those but haven't tried it yet...Good idea! I should do that :)

    Kody: don't be fartin' near me HEYYY

  16. i have that same purse in brown!

  17. there's nothing like a good ol' list..they make me very happy.


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