How to Leave a Comment

If you've never done it, it's easy...
1. Underneath this Text (& every blog post), it says a number and "comments". Click that! example: Posted by Freckled Nest at 10:07 AM 2 comments
(You would click the orange part to open up the comments section)
2. It will open/popup a new window. You will see other peoples comments, then at the bottom of the popup, you can type your comment in the white box.
(Gramela: you need to scroll down to get to the bottom. Use the 'up/down' arrow thing on the right side of the comment box.)
3. Then, below the White Box, you need to 'CHOOSE IDENTITY':
- If you don't have a blog, when you Choose an Identity... Select "Name/URL" and type your name. (you do not need to enter a website)
- If you have a blog, sign in (it will link you up when the comment is posted).
4. Then, click 'Publish Your Comment'. And you're done. :]
Tip: (If this confuses you, just ignore it)..."Copy" your comment before you publish it. That way if the blog errors (happens sometimes), you can just "paste" it in, and try publishing again :)
Note: I like comments. It's okay if i don't know you or you don't know me. Leave as many as you want :]


  1. this is quite possibly the cutest, most charming comment whore post I've EVER seen!!

  2. well you got a lot from me

    I think this post is cute... I also think it's funny because it has the least amount of comments.

  3. I've been exploring your blog today and I love it! You have wonderful "how-to"s! I def need to follow this one more often...I tend to be a lurker, oops!


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