Jerrie tagged me. hi Jerrie :)

I usually don't do these (they're like the wretched chain letters or forwards of blogland)(lol)...but today, i'm in the mood.
I'm supposed to share 7 random facts about me. hmmmm.
1. my feet shrunk to a size 8.5 since I've lost weight. (used to be a nine)
2. sometimes i write secret messages to people in my blog. they're white, so only seen when highlighted.
3. i'm on a hotdog kick right now.
4. my current fave song is hypnotize by notorious b.i.g.
5. i'm going to a social this saturday with amanda, matt and keith... and i'm gonna dance.
6. the only thing i dislike in Freckled Nest is shipping. i like making packages pretty, but i am horrible at getting to it. gaaa. i digress.
7. i'm eating alphagetti and redbull for lunch. and an apple. but it fell on the floor. poor guy.
bonus: this picture made me gasp. wonderful!
Yep. Here's a secret message. If you're reading this. Go give your puppy a hug :]
Happy Tuesday!


  1. YAY!! Thanks for playing! hope you have a fantabulous day!

  2. i won't see my puppy again til friday, but i hugged her tons yesterday :)

  3. but what if I don't have a puppy?
    can i hug murray the cat instead?

  4. okay I was just reading blogs and then I was going to post later because I am in the bath and it is hard to hold my computer and not let it get wet..... The down arrow is easy! But i read this blog and I want you to know i just had to go back and read all your post until i found a secret message.... Found one to "Automobiles"

    You are so freakin coo... love you to death.

  5. Shar Here. . .LALA I hope you didn't throw your apple away (poor guy), you do know about the 10 second rule????

  6. yay, i found a secret message from this post. :)
    i gotta read all your posts kristen did. lol.

  7. Dude. Get out of my brain! I had to do a pop-up for school this week and i have this video saved in my faves so I could post it on MY blog soon hahaha. craaaazy.

    love the story about your grandpa.

  8. great vid and I love the randomness of this post...5. love love dance...can't can't dance....have fun!


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