i love looseleaf

just had to tell someone.


  1. You're the best. I'm so glad you had such a wonderful birthday! When you have a chance check out my flickr. I did my first infant shoot on Thursday. The baby is so cute!

  2. you've been tagged! plz see my blog! Happy Tuesday!

  3. Don't make fun of me....

    What is looseleaf?

  4. cute ldr ;)
    it's that thin white notebook paper with thin blue ruled lines and whole punched. you probably use it all the time. most popular brand: hilroy.

    when i was a kid, it was on sale one school year for 18cents a pack (that's outrageous) but a limit of ex.5 packs per person...soooo momma made me, amanda and kody go thru the line up with her and buy it. we were stocked forever. i think we STILL have some of THAT looseleaf!!! we went out to the minivan, put it in, and went thru the line again. lol...what a funny day. i think that was also the day we bought "skip-its". those things with a counter on them that you put on your ankle and jump as you spin it... mine was yellow. ahhh, what a mind recollects ;)


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