Sweetiepie Keith gave my new phone a makeover :) He's awesome with paint and detail (he builds amazing model cars, take a look, they're incredible!) and he made me this nice little surprise :) I love it! My phone is totally me now :) (the coral faceplate used to be 'periwinkle' and ugly-boring. gag) Keith did a supersweet job! Thanks babe! Gotta go polish ;)


  1. Too cute!!! He's quite talented!

  2. I'm so glad you like it LA! I had fun doing it :)

  3. I wish I could see the before pic!!

    What color was it??

    Nice detail on the arrows.

  4. He gets sweeter by the moment....

    That is a great phone... we sell it here with it Sprint. It is the Fusic!

  5. your phone looks amazing!
    good job keith. :)

  6. KC...you know you are my second FAV Canadian...after LaLa of course!! :) Great job on the phone!! :)


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