we're LL Cool K

Our streetname is LL Cool K...Leigh-Ann and Lola Keffer ;) * New Banner :) Weeeeeeee!!! I used this and did some photoshop *magic*. Just call me Hooleighny.
Happy Monday Ladies! (+ Grandpa, Blair, Joe, Kody, and Keith)
It's gonna be a great week; I'm catching a wiff of "good-week-aroma" :)
Diane was guessing the header font (fun game)...
(both free downloads)
I used Father Nelson for the "Freckled Nest"
and One Fell Swoop for the "Indie Love and LaLaLand"
LaLa is a nickname my friend Autumn gave me cause she says I'm always daydreaming...and she pictures me just sitting around singing "la la la la la..." ...so naturally, my blog is now LaLaLand ;)
I call her Stems... cause she loves heels.
Check out my new heels ;)


  1. Have a great week!! Im digging the new banner, especially that font!

  2. Happy Monday! Love the new banner, very creative!

  3. very very cute new banner! :)

  4. the new banner looks great!

  5. Love, love the fonts.
    And Love LL Cool K. I almost died laughing when I saw that title.

  6. I love the new banner & the new shoes!

    By the way the picture of you is gorgeous. You look so happy and amazing!

  7. Hahowwwwww! Hey Leigh-Ann your new banner looks awesome, you are one very talented and creative lady, I think your awesome and thanks for helping me with my blog, I can't wait to add more stuff to it.....283 vistors and counting...hey i'm catching you..lol. P.S. Are you keeping your phone clean? ;)

  8. hey lee lee, love the new banner and cute shoes! :P

    love love,


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