"once it hits your lips"

i had my first red bull today. and then i washed the car, washed a weeks worth of dishes (truth=2weeks worth), cleaned my house, talked with Gran on the phone (HI GRANDMAS! I LOVE YOU BOTH!), vacuumed, played with Lola, did 2.5 loads of laundry, went for a good jog, ate a proper dinner, started Angela's oh*snap tote, and hung out with my friend Harper. we had a talk that warmed my heart better than cocoa in a polka dot mug. and i took this photo of my funny photo ways. goodnight :) ps. sweetest thing ever... Olivia said Kennedy's name today... "Nenedy" ...i heard it over the phone and melted!


  1. WOW!! You were super productive...and I'm glad b/c you've been slackin! :)

    Just kidding...love ya chick!

  2. so stinkin funny! red bulls ARE good for productivity... so you got all that done in what, like an hour?? hour and a half??

  3. okay, i am going to start drinking red bull too because i have so much to do this morning, like catching up on a weeks worth of blogging goodness, finding my house after leaving it in the care of teenagers...note to self..do not do that again!!! and yea, redbull for breakfast on the testimonial of LA's super powers.
    HI! I missed you.

  4. Wow. That's like coffee in the morning to the tenth degree. I'm like that if I drink a few cups a day - yesterday I got home and decided that I'd rather vaccume the whole house and clean the car before sitting down :-) Unusual.

    PS. Is that an over one shoulder wrestler you got on? hehehe....What's your wrestling diva name?

  5. wow, you´ve been super!
    superla. :)

  6. I personally have a RB every morning at breakfast. It's great if you blend it up with frozen strawberries. What can I say? One must have her vices, no?

  7. Red Bull gives you wings!

    Do you remember those commercials?


    I was at Autumn's blog today and I was talking about commercials and then I realized I think I made that up....there were no commercials But I know this is a commercial...LOL


  8. LOL!!! That was awesome Kris!!
    Thanks ;)

    it was a boy penny. cute!

  9. i'm loving all the self portraits! I'm sure i'd recognize you if I saw you on the streets now LOL!

  10. Perhaps I need to drink Red Bull in the morning to get my arse to the gym!!! OR perhaps I need to drink a Red Bull to get house work done. HMMMMM, I have next monday off, supa long weekend for Manda Pants. I think that's what I'll do, get up on Monday and drink a Red Bull and see what happens ;).


    p.s. - never have had one by the way.

  11. Olivia and Kennedy3/15/2008 11:16:00 am

    hey aunty LA LA, the way I say it is nyee-neee, i'M SOO ADORABLE. LOVE OLIVIA (AND Nyee-nEE)XOX

  12. Olivia and Kennedy3/15/2008 11:19:00 am

    PS.. aunty LA LA, did you cut your bangs again? they look a kind of crooked.. tee-hee. Love 0&K

  13. Oh so sweet.....they make me want to cry!!!!



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