my mom and dad are the coolest!

I'm thirsty for summer because of this picture!! Our family cabin is REALLY coming together! Dad has even been working on it thru the winter and I can't *wait* to see it real soon!! And decorate my room ;) and paint with Mom and Amanda. And chase Lola when she runs away to go swimming in the lake. And go in the kiddy pool with Olivia and Kennedy on the deck. And pick rocks and seaglass with Mom. And listen to Grandma read the paper front to back. And go to the old arcade. And give Grandpa kisses. And stay up late making fun of Dad/Georgisms with Amanda. "LongShawns". And listen to music with Kody on the iPod. And adore watching Matt with his daughters. And eat way too many sour soothers (where your mouth peels). And bring someone special out. And go garage sailing. And play dominoes against the pros. And giggle and laugh so much we all cry. Our family is so super!
Mom and Dad built this cabin for our family...and it is a DREAM!
Love you Momma and Daddio!! THANK-YOU!!!
It's going to be a great summer!!!


  1. It's me isn't it?? I knew it...I can't wait too!! LOL! Loves ya!

  2. oh it sounds wonderful...summer isn't too far away now!

  3. That does sound wonderful - the cabin looks wonderful too! :)

  4. that sounds so great la! you have coo parents. :)

    and maybe one day i can also visit you there..!

  5. i love how you totally dig your family!! very inspiring

  6. Hellooooooooooooo Leigh-Ann cabin looks unreal can't wait to see it, hope you have a great day. p.s I smell a pennant!!

  7. Thank you Leigh-Ann, nice blog entry. Yes it will be fun to get out to the lake again. Dad and I are going out for the weekend, coming back Sat. evening. All the comments here are so true, but just wait Grandma will be reading this, your going to be in trouble.

    Love Momma

  8. Ps- is this one of my pics that i sent you on sunday, if not use this one, its from a further distance.
    thanks Momma

  9. Hey girl,

    Your parents rock. I love my parents too. We're both really lucky to have wonderful 'rents.

    I forgot to mention I blogged about my new craft room and the beautiful tote you made me. Check it out here

    Have a great weekend.


  10. Nice Post!
    I love the sound of "get back to the lake"
    Summer.... Ahhhh.... Summer!

  11. I love this post LA!!! I can't wait for the summer either. I think I laugh harder in those hot months more than ever because of you. I miss our mondays, not for PR, just you. Love you. A...


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