"Free Candy!"

I made these CD cases slash mixtapes a few months ago. They're totally still waiting to be finished... but they're ultracute :) All my customers (see "Happy Customers" in right sidebar) who blogged their FN purchases will eventually (...yes, i'm a total latecake) get this Thank You in the mail :)
I used 'MacTac' for the woodgrain paper (pre-gluey=really quick), recycled corrigated cardboard for the body, address book pages for the inside skins, vinyl-style cds for a throwback feel and army-hockey tape to hold it all together :) (and the white cd sleeves are found at any dollarstore) All the music is sweet indie :)
TIP: Hockey tape is a great substitution for Gaffer Tape! Discovered this when my thrifty craft mind was wondering the supermarket sports aisle :) I turn sports crafty, lol.
The whole project cost about a $1 each. I'll include a tutorial for them with the Kit Instructions :)
(embossed on back) these ice cream bowls are yummy.
they sold on etsy before i could snag em.
(a new handmade banner)
Autumn from South Carolina joined the Freckled Nest Design Team last week! She's SO SO cool! We love her!
(FN chick, Jessica from Funky Finds makes these rad graphics! Check out her and Joe's company, Right On Graphics if you need stuff! Super talented!)
This is still totally the perfect word for my 2008!
(from my art journal. i'm going to write stuff in the white space. haven't got to it yet.) I wanna give her a hug. Lola misses humpin her. I got her a new toy, and she plays with it like it's Penny. And sleeps with it. I miss Penny.
I'm so in smittensville these days :)
(from my artjournal. free hand font. yellow painted heart. white fabric paint polka dots. butterflies behind it.)
It's a long long weekend this weekend. Off tomorrow and I think Monday too. Lots of stitching and kit-ing ahead. I wanna catch up. Angela, Donna and Gemma: I publicly declare, your goodies will be made this weekend! and I'll be spending time with Keith... the source of Smittensville ;)
Woohoo for long weekends!! :)


  1. Ok, the CD cases are simply awesome! You are so creative...loves it! :)

    Thanks for my official intro on the blog...glad to be on the DT!

    And as for KC, he is awesome too...smitten kitten! :) MWAH!

  2. have a great loooong weekend. :)
    and i loove those cd cases. can´t wait to get mine. hihi.

  3. You're the best. You'll be so proud of me, I've actually been updating my blog regularly. Go check it out!

  4. so he's back to more than friend??? ;-)
    love the CD case.

  5. Thanks for the shout out girlfriend! You're the bomber! I love the cd case, too. Awesome!!! You're a rad smitten kitten :)

  6. Very Fun Post!
    Everything is so fun and BRIGHT!
    CD Cases are very cool!

  7. hi Meredith :)
    yep. Keith is my boyfriend
    :) he's super.

  8. forgot to say yesterday, those ice cream bowls are the sweetest!
    too bad someone bought them before you..
    they would´ve been perfect for strawberries also. ;)

  9. awww those are stinkin' cute! loverly :-)


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