Good Morning :]

(taken with my camera phone)
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  1. your desk is so cheery, thanks for sharing. Oh, and I LOVE markers, too. My MIL sent me some for Christmas and I doodled on tonnes of stuff. lol

  2. love this. :)
    and you have a good camera on your phone!

  3. love sharpies like it's my job!

  4. Aren't Sharpies just the best. I adore my computer but I also miss the excuse to write stuff just for the fun colourful pens.

    And of course you just randomly happened to have a helium balloon at your desk (hee hee)? Everyone's desk should be as exciting.

  5. oh meredith... you make me laugh ;)

    i love writing stuff down! i'm all about handwriting and the feel of paper :)
    and i love looking at peoples writing. my brothers is probably the funniest.
    one time when i was a kid, i found a little list of something a BLOCK away from my house. and i could tell right away it was my dads writing. my dad writes everything in caplocks with a slight slant and a medium pen pressed hard. and he squints while he thinks. it's really cute :)

    i've always ADORED typography. mmmm. almost as much as *color* :)

    yes, my boss came in with that balloon and says, "Who says we never party" and tied it to my desk. (There had been a kids event on the weekend, so we played with the remainder)... and then i decorated it :)
    its currently laying limpbiscuit on my desk. the helium didn't last. i'll bring it home tonight and make funny voices with keithcake :)

    hey Biscuit! (haha, kody and mom...thats for you ;)

    is that how to spell biscuit? Everything looks wrong to me lately. mom, give me some sp tips ;)

    now my computer wallpaper is one of keiths amazing model cars. :) i change it up often :)

    just made a haircut appointment for saturday. time for change :)

    i love change :)

    am i sub-blogging in my blog? lol.

  6. Leigh-Ann,
    Where do you work (not necessarily WHERE but what type of work) like admin? boss? and what industry?

    I am a fanatic when it comes to learning what other people do. It's so fasinating to find out what kind of jobs are out there!

  7. hi Jerrie :)
    I'm a secretary at a church downtown :)
    it's a cool job :)
    and i get to order whatever stationary we need. so i always pick the fun stuff :)


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