1954 now

this is the strangest photo experience i've ever had.
i was visiting gran last week, and she asked if i could scan and print copies of this picture of grandpa. she handed me the photo and i gasped.
before I renovated my house in 2001, this is exactly (except for the windows' panel sections) what my house looked like! like, i mean EXACTLY! same door & knob, same proportions, same ledge on the porch windows, same size windows, same wood on the ceiling in the porch, same window placement, same curtains in porch, couch in the same place.... and there was my grandpa, handsome and standing in 'my house'.
it was like somehow...he was visiting. i miss him. i'm going to frame this picture and put it up on the wall right above where my young uncle wayne is sitting in the photo.
(this is a different house than mine, just looks the same)


  1. wow, that´s pretty amazing.
    and this is the same house you live in now?
    just had to ask if i´ve understtod right. ;)

  2. Wow! What a cool story...and especially wonderful to have a picture of your grandpa, looking like he's just stopped by your house for a visit.

  3. This is so precious Leigh-Ann, you made me cry. Grandpa was so handsome and thin. I can see why Grandma married him. We all miss him so much. :( I had hardly remembered the details in your house being so much like G&G's house until I really started to think about it.
    Stayed home from work today, tell you about it later.

    Love Momma

  4. This is a great story!

    I was reading this post and was very confused.... I thought for sure I had already seen this post like Deja-Vu or something but then I realized that was your Flickr.

    Love the story and the picture

  5. What a sweet, wonderful thing! I'm sure it makes you feel close to your grandpa. (And thanks, LA, for your sweet comment about "MiMi")


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