yums! friday photo inspiration.

Prepare for an overload of excitement. This is feeling like my style right now.
Flickr Favorites...Individual HERE. * This is my favorite photo this week. I have a non-sexual crush, lol. * Which photos your favorite? * One last thing. I'm axing the name Heidi for my camera. It's not working for me. Final answer: Johnny. As in the dreamy, Mr. Johnny Castle. * New FN Contest here. * PS. i like men. but they don't inspire me the same. lol


  1. ooooooh. i love EVERYTHING. thank you for filling my inspiration cup dear! ah my gosh. i love these posts but never do them... dont know where to look.. i'll try tho! i see me! awwe! you re adorable-officially.

  2. I LOVE the Eames lounge chair! I just saw it in a catalogue. I also really, really like the puppies and turtle shot. Too cute!

  3. Lovely pictures. Candy for the eyes!


  4. You inspire me!



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