music i really dig lately...

I'm like in obsessed with music lately... This could become a realllly long list. So i'll just share 3 new ones i've found lately. or maybe 5 ;) ya. 5.
The band names will link you to their myspace pages.
PS. i love band photography.
PPS. here's my myspace. i only use it to find good music though.
I'll do a more personal post next time.
I've got a project to show you...(but I'm on lunch at work, and laptopLolli's at home). And some cool thrift photos from the weekend :)
Staying home tonight. Been going out too much. Tired patooty. Gonna clean the house and make cd cases for a gift thing i'm gonna do. It's slick. Some of you will get one with a mixtape I made :)
The Contest...
Thanks for the entries to the self-portrait photo contest so far... good choices ladies!! :) Keep entering peeps. You have about a week more. Maybe a bit more.
Tip: As you take the 100 photos...I recommend not looking at each photo. Glance once and a while and make sure you're in the frame how you want.... and that you like your lighting or expressions... and try a few things. But don't analyze each photo along the way. You wanna become *relaxed* in front of the camera...and you'll get a great photo. Save the deleting for the end.
A Little Story...
Like Momma for instance... hates having her photo taken. But she's drop dead gorgeous. And I've been telling her this for the last few years. And she always would squeek-say "oh geez"...and shrugs it off, embarrased that attentions been paid to her. But i lovingly told her to shutup and accept the truth&compliment. Over time, she's changed...and now, she smiles and says thankyou. Which i love. I think she's starting to finally believe her beauty. So now... when I take photos of her...she LET'S me. She still tries to self critisize (as if that equals being modest). But the idea of a photoshoot doesn't revolt her like it used to. And she seems to sorta enjoy it now :)
...And I think the same thing that happened to me (discovering I was pretty on the outside too) is happening to her. And Amanda's catching on too. This is a big deal. It will change who you are, how you carry yourself, how your daughters see themselves, and you'll just enjoy LIFE more :) That's why I'm having this Self Portrait Contest. So maybe you'll discover more of your beauty too.
Women!!: I think it is SO SO important to believe you're beautiful. You ARE! And somehow for me... becoming confident in front of the camera was linked with that discovery.
Mom: Please don't get mad at me for sharing this. It's a cool & special thing.


  1. Awesome music picks you have there!!

    And your little story at the end................heartfelt, inspiring and uplifting:)

    You rock!

  2. Yes, Leigh-Ann has opened me up to the camera and made realize my own beauty, but did you notice Momma hasn't added to the self portrait contest.
    Thank you Leigh-Ann for helping me change the way I see myself.
    I love you.....
    Love Momma

  3. Wow great ending to you post LA you even brought a little tear to my eye.... I totally am like Momma love to take pictures but hate being in them. Hopefully one day that will change too.

  4. love the band photographs too!! Can't wait to shoot photos that great!!!
    Thanks for the "little sister" talk at the end of your post. I know that you weren't talking to me but I heard you loud and clear..of course it doesn't help that I have a super model daughter to compare

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