Mono Convo Amando

It's Monday date night with Amanda. Here we come Heidi. Inka, you should come over. Note: We nicknamed Inka... Inka Klum. Her voice is similar and she's adorable, foreign and hot. Mono Convo: LA: check out my favorite website design... (types) deathcab... Amando: (in a squeeky question voice) death cab for cutie? LA: ahhh... ya? Amando: they're a band you know. (as if she's the only one who knows this) Amando: yesss! i finally know something. LA: (snickers) Amando: (matter of factly) it's kinda weird how now, you're the cool one. (Upon this realization, Leigh-Ann does an endzone dance bringing her back to equivalent coolness as Amando. very low.) Bonus laugh: as we type this... Leigh-Ann half kills a little spider and feeds it to lola. Lola needs protein. Amanda starts calling Lola, Arachnid. Extra Quote. Amanda: "I'm like Ando on Heroes! Amando!!!" Now, LA=cooler again (all mono convos here)


  1. You guys are crazy!! :)) (that's a double chin smile)
    Amanda, you have to watch out. LA has a note pad in her pocket all the time just waiting for these MONO CONVOS, she's a BRAT. I don't know how I raised such a brat. :)
    Love you guys, have fun. I'm feeling better, tiding up all kinds of paper work and stuff.

    Love Momma

  2. i would phone you but the cordless is dead and im to lazy to get up to go to the phone but if your watching american idol you would have just seen the commercial for STEP IT UP 2 YA WHO

  3. sounds like you two have a great time together!


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