Leigh-Ann recommends...

* I rented this yesterday.
It was beautiful and incredible.
Alice, you'll love it.
My favorite quotes...
"Mathilde. I hear her heart beating, like Morse code." "Doggie Fart, gladdens my heart." MMM "Funny how your smile opens the parentheses."


  1. love you leigh anns!

    I'm taking a little break from walking, sipping water, protein, and sleeping to tell you I miss you!


  2. coloredsprinkles1/18/2008 11:21:00 am

    Oh one of my all time favorites!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If yo like french films I want to recommend "Happily ever after" its not all pretty like "A very Long Engagement" however it is a good story line and Johnny Depp has a cameo in it:) Thats probably why I love it so!!

  3. holy cow. I have NEVER heard of this and am about to do a flip from excitement!!! Yippy... got to rent this ASAP! You rock for suggesting it, I already know I'll love it!

    And yes, I have been posting a lot lately haven't I!? I keep finding super fun designy things to post about... and I am on the way to becoming a fab designer person haha :)

  4. Hi I would like to make my 'pink bike',cupcakes and bluebirds into scrap paper does anyone know how I can copyright so they are not stolen?
    Denise Mass.

  5. Loved that movie! But the book was even better, if you get a chance to read it (or listen to it on CD). And Wow! You look great!


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