I'm so bad at painting my I need to pick up some nailpolish remover tomorrow, for my skin ;)
*Added: Huh! Skin polish comes off great in the shower...
easy peasy! :)
This color matches my new car :) Getting it in a few days!
Her name will be Poppy :) That was an easy decision.
Amanda suggested the perfect name for the cam... Heidi :) After Miss.Heidi Klum. Project Runway started today! Me and Amanda are back on for Monday date nights. I've missed her. Amanda and Heidi.


  1. noooooo I missed it! I totally forgot about it and had a nap. Oh well. I'm sure it will re-run this weekend.

    I painted my finger nails red last night too! (And also got it all over my skin).

  2. i bet MG paints hers like that thats why you did it, just like your hair

  3. I do that too...hard core.

    here's a handy trick. Grap a qtip, and dip it in nail polish remover...then swipe it around the skin.


  4. i have the best tip for getting your nails *perfect*...if you put just a lil vaseline around the edges of your nails on the skin, when you're all done painting (and you can be as messy as you please) simply wipe off the vaseline from your skin and the nail polish comes right off! best beauty tip i've ever gotten :)

  5. Lisa, Can i just *dip* my toes in it? lol..
    Sounds like a great tip! Thanks :) Maybe I'll try that on my fingers too... if it works, i'd be a lot more likely to paint them :)


  6. I have to try the vaseline tip.... My toes look the same way...LOL

  7. your toenails look almost bloody. delightful.

  8. Yeah, that would be why my nails are never painted. Haha.

  9. hi sweetie pie

    it was great but i'm exhausted already
    so bye for now

    love you lots

  10. I always make sure I have a shower planned after painting my nails a dark colour, and just peel off the overlaps when it's softened a bit in the water!

    Makes it look like a pro did your nails, everytime.


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