"hey brother"

This is my brother. Kody. He's usually silly willy in photos, but yesterday, he let me take some nice photos :) Turns out, he's a babe.
He has a crush on a few of you. Lol... he's trolling on my blog.
Lynne was asking in the comments about how I changed my blog to a 3-column. Here's a quick exp.
This is what worked for me.
When you change the template, it erases everything(format wise, but not post history), so I did some screenshots and copy/pasted all my links and details ahead of time (so its easier to bring back to normal)... I used a template... googled "3 column blogger template"...the first 3 versions didn't work, but this one worked for me: http://webtalks.blogspot.com/2007/04/downlaod-three-column-new-blogger.html You download it (free) and then in your html page in blogger, there's a spot to upload it. Then you have to add back all your jewelry. And your banner might not be wide enough anymore. Hope this helps :) LA :)


  1. im the new Zoolander

  2. Camera name - Olive - as in OLOVE YOU.

  3. Kody: he's so hot right now!

    Leigh-Ann, thanks for your comment on my flickr page. I've just looked through a few pages of your blog, and I love it!

    I'll be checking in regularly. Also, your photos are way nice, with their soft, classic feel..and they've got a rare kind of uplifting energy. Nice to meet you!

    xo Amy

    p.s. Hrmm..camera name? I've aways liked the name "Matilda". (Sometimes have used it as a part of my own nickname, based on the song "Waltzing Matilda".)

  4. cool new banner LA....

  5. Kody is a certifiable hottie mchotenfoffer. :) I would love for him to stalk me! *laughs

    Leigh Anns....I miss you. Can we have a chat session soon?

    Also, your place is so cute! Love the LA letters.


  6. Love the new place SO MUCH!

    It is BEAUTIFUL!


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