hi Kristen...

I beat you here ;) waah-wahh!
Lol... whenever Kristen reads the Design Team Blog and my blog... i get like 6 comments (to my email) one after another... and it makes me smile. Today... this a welcome, because she was just at the Chicks blog...and I know she's on her way over. It's her pattern.
Check out her new blog design! I LOVE IT!
AND check out Funky Finds!!! There's A HUGE HUGE giveaway that will rock someones caspah! Go enter...scroll down to "Giveaway" :)


  1. This is too funny.... I had to do my blog reading in sections today because I am "Supposed" to be doing homework..... That is so funny though because if Tony would not have yelled at me for playing then your blog was the next one.... LOL

    PS... Thanks for all the grat comments.

  2. thanks for the funky shout out girlfriend!


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