Me and Ashli... Photobooth giggles from Sunday :)


  1. Cute Photobooth picture...

    That list is HUGE.... If you need any help send me an email.

  2. a lot of its longterm goals or things i "wanna" make for the shop. thanks Kris!
    i forgot to put on there, swap for Kristen! lol..don't want Jess to whoop me ;)

  3. good collection of movies you have going there!! I so have to make a list, I feel if I have it written down before me I am more apt to accomplish some stuff then whats happening now, which is nothing:)

  4. who are you, me? Way to have some of the best movies ever!
    Jarod loves flight of the concordes!

    And yay for list making, especially when it's a pretty list :)

  5. your movies are GREAT! :)

  6. love that list!
    also - we loooooove adaptation and chicago and flight of the conchords at this house! "it's business... it's business time.... team building exercise ninety-niiiiiiine"
    please tell me you've seen that....

  7. haha...have i seen iT?!?!
    Girl! I could kareoke it! I have the dvd AND the soundtrack!
    Love ya Mer!


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