i broke my free cable.

I moved around my living room last week, and now the TV is in a different spot. So I went downstairs (to the dungeon) to transfer the cable hookup. It was corroded on. So I tried another one on the splitter... and I broke it. Obviously, I'm too strong. That was for my other tv that does work. I'm tvless. Ah! lol. What am i supposed to do now...!? READ?!?! pssha! I've had free cable for at least 3 years (thats $35 saved a month x 36months!). When I asked to be disconnected 3 years ago, they stopped billing me...but never disconnected it... HALLAR! So I'm definatly not calling the cable company. Hmmm... Kody? Please? I'll crump for you... Added: A friend helped me. Now I just need a new splitter and voila. :)


  1. ohhhhhhhhh no cable.......... i'd have to think about this one... break down and call :-)

  2. don't break down and call! they might charge you. Seriously, the cable company in Indianapolis did that to some poor guy...

  3. That's God's punishment... HA!!! I think it's funny - did you at least get Grey's in before you messed up?? Speaking of that - on both my tivo boxes there is only music playing and NO voices - what's up with that???


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