blunt force trauma

Member when I cut my own hair in October... and it looked good. Like we're talking, I had potential for a new career in freestyle hair design...pretty much. Well, today I would have been fired. "You're fired." It's a good thing my hair grows really fast because I couldn't have done a worse job. Lol. The mistake I made was pulling the hair and cutting it at where I wanted the bottom edge. I actually stated out loud, oh*crap. Note: Hair is springy. A good inch of springy. Yikes! ...And in perfect timing for a date I'm going on tomorrow night.


  1. It looks cute - it makes you look younger.
    If it bothers you wear a hat until it grows back in a bit more.
    Have fun on your date!

  2. i think its a proven fact that bangs grow faster than the rest of your least mine do!

  3. i look like i have a 5 finger forhead.

  4. I think it looks cute! If you aren't digging it, a lovely scarf or headband always does the trick.
    Enjoy your date!

  5. Good for you to hear that you are going on a date. You will have to clue me in on where you went and what you did.
    Call me

  6. My dear you look great. I got so many compliments when I cut my bangs that short. You have nothing to be concerned about. Have fun on your date.

    Love, B

  7. CUte LA! --

    Did you get my email?

  8. If you have a straightener iron, use that on them to help them lay as flat as possible. I'd also go to a stylist and get them tweeked a bit, very bettie page chic.

    Bangs are so hot now, I got them cut last month and am still getting compliments on them. You really suit them too!

  9. yikes. been there. let me know if you want the # or email address of my cheap and good hair dresser. she's a delight also - super positive.

  10. another bang cutting tip~
    don't raise your eyebrows whilst cutting your bangs, it also raises your hairline and thus...mucho short bangs.

    (I see our Ornies in the corner!! VBG)

  11. LA,
    Love ure locks. You will figure out a way to make them shine.

    p.s. I had to laugh at mini mi (vern Troyer). Did you know he is my stepfathers cousin and in the next town over (Centreville, Vern's hometown)they have this big picture of him. Its really weird.

    Love U LA! Cows RULE. Tell ure ma & pa I said "Howdy". Christina, Your TKC roomie from down south.


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