stiff and sturdy.

A Mono-Convo of Sorts... So tonight, Mom and I went to the Wal-mart. I was doing a return and she was picking up a new bra. And once she got me in that aisle... she said, Mom: "and Leigh-Ann, I wanna buy you that bra you didn't buy a few weeks ago" ... and i'm like, "no mom. i don't need a new one anymore. i did all my laundry and found a secret source of black bras." Mom: "you need a white one"... LA: "no I don't. and you don't have to buy me anything. i'm doing okay." Mom: Starts grabbing the most hideous bras. You know...the ones where the models look extra happy... and she's like "if you don't tell me which one you need, I'm gonna get you ugly ones!" and then she goes to those Granny ones... you know, the cone producing bras...that are stiff and sturdy. LA: "I'm fine mom, I don't need anything!" Mom: Fine! I'm gonna buy you these" (she starts walking away...) LA: "Go ahead. Bras are non-refundable. You're wasting your money. I'm calling your bluff. Let's go!" Mom: *Stunned/Oh Crap*... "Fine(not so confident)...let's go(voice quivers)." Heading to the checkout...Momma's waving the triple D stiff and sturdy in the air, trying to embarrass me into selecting the right one. She proceeds to hold it against my rack as we walk to the checkouts. I'm snickering, cause I know she can hardly handle the attention and embarrassment she's attracting. And she's red instead of me. She stops right before the checkouts. Dumps the 3 stiff and sturdy's... and says, "Fine! Will you at least let me buy you some groceries?" We headed to Costcos and Mom got me so much good food. My Mom is the greatest. I haven't had produce for 2 weeks. I'm all carbed up (cupboard food was all I had). Looking forward to FRUUUUUIT!!! Thank-You Momma! i love you! PS> I'm glad you didn't buy me your style of bras... lol ;)


  1. You BRAT!!!!

    Love Momma

  2. i had to email the registry cards from my work email b/c hotmail has been a booger lately. check for an email that starts with jhood

  3. you have so much fun together. ;)

  4. mom's rock!!! and they are our rock especially when they take us to Costco!!!
    Secret stash of black bras LA??

  5. Leigh Anns. i am sad. see my blog. boo.

  6. ashli the mediocore highschool teacher11/21/2007 03:55:00 pm

    too good LA. way too good.

  7. I love my mom too -- She does things like this all the time.

    Mom's are GREAT!

  8. rotflmao!!!!!
    ah come on..let her buy you a bra!
    ha ha ha...stiff and sturdy eh-should never been in the same sentence as bra!!!
    you crack me up :-)

  9. Moms are the best, arent they!


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