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I have only thought of one thing I'd like for Christmas. Those earth shoes from the Walmart. They're super neat. I love shoes. Size 9. That's all I want. Lol. Simple. Oh...actually, and a Bind-It-All (@ SBD) and some Ice Cream Sandwiches. 3 things I guess.
Whats on your Christmas wishlists?


  1. So far, my Christmas list only consists of a Flickr account. I'm sure some scrapbook supplies will find their way on there! :)

    Love Earth Shoes! The Bind-it-all looks pretty nifty, too!

  2. i like ice cream sandwhiches too
    which are your faves?
    skinny cow brand is mine :-)

    for christmas...
    i really really weeeeeeeeallly want a ipod, tell santa i have been good ;-)

  3. i got a pair of earth shoes for christmas last year from my mom...they were my work shoes at Starbucks and the milk ate them up...sigh...for christmas i wish for books...and for Caleb to get off the computer long enough to spend some time with me...

  4. YES - I noticed the THE on Walmart. :) LOL!! I'm really struggling with my list this year -
    that probably means that I don't need a darn thing!

  5. You know I want the bind-it-all! LOL

    There is not much I want this year either.


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