Nell's Tote

If you'd like your own personalized, handstitched tote, you can join our Freckled Nest Gift Registry (so that your family can bestow you at Christmas) or if you're anxiously impatient like me, order yourself a little lovin ;) Gift Registry and Order Forms here :) PS. I'm LOVIN' my new photo backdrop! Can you guess what it is? :) Updated: Lol, I thought Jill would get it. Yes, it's a bedspread/duvet. I found it thrifting and I'm going to use it as the starting point for the design of our bedroom at the Lakehouse next summer :) I love her texture, pattern and color :)


  1. sweet tote la!
    is that backdrop a towel?

  2. OMG- I LOVE it!!!!
    Thank you so much!

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  4. Hey, lovely bedspread. Go check out my blog banner for a fun surprise.


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